Pompeii bodies: The Story Behind the Casts

The eruption of an active volcano is what created the pompeii bodies

Intro One of the most famous aspects of Pompeii is the snapshot image left behind by the wrath of Mount Vesuvius. In an instant, men, women and children were essentially frozen solid. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that Medusa herself had paid the ancient city a visit. There are a number of ways one […]

7 Creepy Pompeii Facts

Pompeii Fact: It was once a port city

Pompeii Known for being one of the victims of the mighty Vesuvius, there isn’t much creepier than seeing the frozen inhabitants that still exist there today. Exploring these ruins should be on everyone’s bucket list! That’s not to say that being in the shadow of Vesuvius nearly 2000 years after it buried the city you’re […]